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Mushroom RockFirst there was The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Then many years passed. Just recently its sequel was released: The Lost Skeleton Returns Again.

They had practice on their side. This one is even better than the first! Once again, it’s about a rock scientist. And monsters. Unlike the first movie, there are special effects that will actually make you think “I wonder how they did that?” And you’ll be RIGHT!

The original was based on sci-fi movies of the 50s. This one has a wider gamut, to match its bigger budget. There’s a Roger Cormanesque feeling right about the time that the special effects show up.

There’s plenty of character development beyond the last movie, if you don’t mind a swamp full of bitterness biting at you like a bagpipe bag full of mosquitoes with the fan cranked to high. Really. But better than what I’m saying.

These movies are made by a fellow named Larry Blamire. He directs and plays the rock scientist. His real-life wife costars. Her name is Jennifer Blair. ¬†And here’s why you must buy multiple copies of these movies, and pass them out at office parties and baby showers and whatnot. Larry and Jen just had a baby. Specifically Jen did. It’s a boy named Griffin, and he was born 3 weeks early and spent his first days in ICU.

Think of the bills they have to pay! And the saving up for college! Think of all the shoes they must buy for the tyke!!! Do it for the child’s shoes. I beg you.

And then maybe they’ll be able to afford another sequel. Or maybe even a different kind of movie entirely.

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