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Childhood Dream II

An imitation of cheap animation. A group of others and I are walking along to the left. We’re centered in the frame. Behind us, moving slowly from left to right is the silhouette of passing hills. Then the frightening part … Continue reading

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Freeze Dried Fruit and Veggies

I hate buying produce. Sure, fruits and veggies are good for you. They’re even tasty! But they turn bad faster than fresh zombies or vampires. Frozen broccoli and Brussels sprouts are fine and store really well.  If you have time … Continue reading

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They Might Be Giants, the Unavailable Movie

I hate it when my favorite movies are unavailable! Right now you can’t buy They Might Be Giants (the movie) from Amazon. Neither can you get the disc from Netflix nor do the Watch It Now deed with them. You’ll … Continue reading

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Now with Photo-ey Goodness!

Before this post, there were no pictures in this blog. And now there are oodles of them. I snapped every single one. My fingers are still sore. As an aside, if you want to use these photos for anything, just … Continue reading

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Back in 2002 I bought my first fancy digital camera. I researched it for months. It was the Minolta Dimage 7. What I like about it now is that it has a lousy Infra-red filter, so I can talk IR … Continue reading

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Safety Razor

Glenn the Free Sleeper says that electric razors are the handiest way to shave when you’re living without a home. You don’t need water, soap, towels, a sink/basin or anything. Well, maybe batteries. If I ever start sleeping next to … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Lullaby Baxter?

You already know about Pandora, right? Not the planet, the web music thingy. I’m still disappointed that they don’t let me use set theory operators like intersection or union or maybe a logical XOR between different artists/songs. Where do Disney … Continue reading

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Childhood Dream I

There were still bars around my bed. I was that young. This isn’t really a dream, but a waking nightmare. In the summertime night, my bedroom window was open. I kept hearing the sound of footsteps outside, muffled. Kah-thump, kah-thump, … Continue reading

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Kevin’s Kool Tools & the Best Tent Camping

Another website that I stop by every day is Keven Kelly’s Cool Tools. Once a day they post a review of some Cool Tool. Often it is something that I would never consider using in the whole wide earth. Sometimes … Continue reading

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He calls it Free Sleeping

There’s this guy, let’s call him Glenn Campbell. No, not the singer. This guy is some kind of expert on Area 51. But I don’t believe in Area 51 so I really can’t comment. He’s got a lot of websites. … Continue reading

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