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Clean Your Doors of Perception with TechDirt!!!

I love TechDirt.  You should too!!! Or else. I don’t know what they do in real life, but on the web, they talk about business and the Internet. Often they criticize media companies for outdated business models.  Sometimes they praise … Continue reading

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Childhood Dream III

In a jungle, luscious foliage all around. Slimey things moving among the green. We’re at some mezo-American ruin, with Tiki decorations! Flat rocks placed as a stone floor. Broken pillars that used to hold up walls and roofs. Suddenly from … Continue reading

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Why the Soap Obsession?

Here’s why I went all researchy on soap last week. We were visiting my mother-in-law. She mentioned how she loved the smell of lye soap. “It smells like clean.” I wanted to know what she meant by that. I wanted … Continue reading

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Movies of Addicted Women

In the 70’s there were all these women-in-prison movies. A few years after September 11, there came a bunch of women-struggling-with-addiction movies. The male version was typified by 1988’s Clean & Sober, with Michael Keaton. (It’s available on Netflix.) Vera … Continue reading

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Vote For Giant Robots

OK, so Einstein’s hairy cranium doesn’t match the rest of your wardrobe. Now you’ve got another option. With the recent election safely over, no one will consider you ironic or un-American in any way when you wear this. Best of … Continue reading

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All I Know About Soap

It takes some kind of fat or oil to make soap. Beef fat is called tallow. Pig fat is lard. If you don’t want to use those, there’ s oil from coconuts, olives, soybeans.  If you use olive oil, you’ve … Continue reading

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Movies of Children and Doom

Tideland is a Terry Gilliam movie in super widescreen. A little girl’s irresponsible parents die, and she fends for herself in the wilds of Kansas or something. She meets some odd people. There’s a train wreck. That may be a … Continue reading

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Ramona is Cool

My favorite Beverly Cleary books growing up were The Mouse and the Motorcycle sagas. I loved them dearly. Pb-pb-b-b-b! But I can understand folks preferring  the Henry Huggins books. What I never could tolerate, however, were the folks who read … Continue reading

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My One Question of Mark Lenard

Mark Lenard was a character actor on TV. He played Spock’s father on Star Trek. In fact, he was the first person to play all 3 main Star Trek aliens: Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon. He never got a chance to play … Continue reading

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The Finest White Male Singer on the Planet

Harry Nilsson. According to the Smothers Brothers, either you don’t know the name, or you’re like “Oh, wow, he’s cool.” There is no in-between. There’s a new documentary out. It was made in 2007, but took till 2010 to get … Continue reading

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