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Viva Vivobarefoot!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Vivobarefoot Shoes are the cat’s meow! I’ve owned several pair now. They’re expensive, so I try to find them on sale. Any time that I walk any distance, I find myself saying to myself: … Continue reading

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Priming the Intuition Pumps

I had an interesting experience when I read Daniel C. Dennetts’ book Consciousness Explained. I couldn’t figure out what it was talking about. I’d read a chapter, and have no idea what he was getting at. Mainly, it seemed to … Continue reading

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John Dies Full of Spiders

While my wife was away one recent week, I started watching all the scary movies that she doesn’t like to see. I gave up on Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. It just didn’t grab me like I’d hoped. I almost … Continue reading

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