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Ghif or Jif? How to Pronounce the .gif Extension

It all started off in the PreCambrian. This was long before the Internet. But there was this company that would do your taxes, H&R Block. They had this big mainframe computer that was mainly only used during business hours. Being … Continue reading

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What I Learned from 2014

Or at least, 3 movies that I watched in 2014. Honestly, this is all that I’ve got for the whole year. In Your Eyes was written by Joss Whedon in 1992, but filmed in 2014. He paid for it, but … Continue reading

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Lullaby Needs Your Cash!

Right now Lullaby Baxter is trying to crowd source her new album (L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE) on IndieGoGo. If you give her money, not only will you get the MP3’s from the new album, but she will put things into your … Continue reading

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Hidden Wind Up Camera Bird Chronicle

   +     =  3 Several years ago Amazon suggested that I buy a book called The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I obediently ordered it. Put it on the shelf, for years. Somewhere else along the way,  Amazon suggested that I … Continue reading

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Paul Williams 1, Harry Nilsson 0++?

It’s called Paul Williams Still Alive. It’s by the director of Vegas Vacation. And apparently he’s done lots of commercials. Or so he says. Do you remember Paul Williams? Because he was in like everything back in the 70’s and 80’s … Continue reading

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Viva Vivobarefoot!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Vivobarefoot Shoes are the cat’s meow! I’ve owned several pair now. They’re expensive, so I try to find them on sale. Any time that I walk any distance, I find myself saying to myself: … Continue reading

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Priming the Intuition Pumps

I had an interesting experience when I read Daniel C. Dennetts’ book Consciousness Explained. I couldn’t figure out what it was talking about. I’d read a chapter, and have no idea what he was getting at. Mainly, it seemed to … Continue reading

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John Dies Full of Spiders

While my wife was away one recent week, I started watching all the scary movies that she doesn’t like to see. I gave up on Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. It just didn’t grab me like I’d hoped. I almost … Continue reading

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Long Strange Complicated Dream I

We’d just driven off the ferry. Some off-the-map place in Alaska, I think. The faded red truck was big, with a front seat wide enough to fit all four of us with plenty of room to spare. The tires were … Continue reading

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Shhh! Don’t let this get out.

I know that I’m going to get into trouble for this. In fact, I can hear them knocking on my door now. I should have remembered to go to Iceland first. Or maybe South America. Or at least Milwaukee. You … Continue reading

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