Banana Bread Memories

Heavy Machinery in the JunkyardThe other day at work, somebody brought some banana bread.  I only took one slice. I swear.

It was smooth and yummy, like only banana bread can be. Older bananas that have gone mushy are supposed to be the best to use. I don’t know, though, because I don’t bake banana bread.

Once upon a long time ago, my mom made fresh loves of banana bread every weekend or so. During the week,  that’s what I had for breakfast before school, with a glass of milk. Sometimes I’d warm it in the microwave. Mmmmm.

There was fruit, nuts, and whole grains. It was even healthful!

One time in high school my mom picked me up from school to take me to the dentist for a cleaning and inspection. Since I was a teenager, she knew that I’d be hungry. She brought a grilled cheese sandwich with her, still warm from the pan. The cheese gushed around my teeth and gums, and solidified. The hygienist felt her stomach start to turn as she peeled a layer of stiff, white buildup off my molars.

Another one of my mom’s tricks was to split an English muffin in half, spread a little bit of butter across the faces, divide a slice of cellophane wrapped cheese into 4 strips and place two on each side, then dust with some Parmesan cheese from the green can, and broil in the oven till the Parmesan cheese sort of puffed up and the Kraft stuff got melty, maybe even bubbly.

And then there was the Braunschweiger sandwich with just a little bit of mayo, lettuce, another slice of the Kraft cheese, and a big slice of purple onion. Good thing I didn’t know what Braunschweiger was made out of when I was a kid. About the only way to improve upon this is to toast the bread.

Thanks, ma! Bon appetit!

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