Chicken Salad & Spaghetti Sandwich

Chick Salad Spag Sandwhich Is ThereMy wife makes the best chicken salad ever. Pico de Gallo, too. She makes them both in big batches.┬áSometimes we put the pico in the chicky salad. But that’s another story…

Our step-niece once-removed was over last weekend. She has interesting eating habits. I don’t see how you could call her an omnivore. She loves french fries but not mashed potatoes. ┬áSo my wife slyly told her that french fries were made out of potatoes. She said, “I’ll never eat french fries again!!!”

But she does like Prego Spaghetti sauce (original) and cheesey garlic bread. So we made lots! And it was good! But there was lots!

I have no problem eating left overs. If it takes a long time to go thru the whole batch, I start adding spices to it. To keep it from poisoning me, should it have gone the way of bad things. I start out simply. Garlic powder. Cayenne pepper powder. Maybe some nutmeg or cinnamon or allspice, depending.

So the leftovers decision was getting difficult. Muy-enhanced chicken salad, or spaghetti a la Lyle. And then it hit me: Put the Lime in the Coconut and MIX THEM BOTH TOGETHER! Not actually having any lime nor coconut, I instead mixed the chicken salad and the spaghetti on a sandwich. A little black pepper, come cayenne for color…

It was pretty darned good. The next day, my wife even tried one. She was surprised at how well they went together. But I wanted something more.

Digging around inside the ol’ medicine cabinet, I found a clutch of caraway seeds, just begging to be devoured. Carefully, I poured them over the spag-chicky goodness. And it was super double awesome in a life preserver!!!

The caraway made my hand smell so wonderfully yummy. I see on the internets peoples talk about caraway tea. But I don’t see anything about Caraway Soda. Maybe I should get one of them seltzerifiying doo-dads and get to inventing some! That CEL-RAY guy might get a run for his money!

Hmmmmm. I see some old yogurt there in the back of the┬árefrigerator…

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