Comfort Food Poisoning

home made tomatosThere’s been a lot of food poisoning going on lately. Listeria in the cantelopes and lettuce. Salmonella turkey surprise.

Sometimes I wonder: are they purposely poisoning all the fresh produce so we’ll flock to processed foods for safety?

Recently I spent a weekend vacation squirming on an air mattress in the basement, with a fever and burning stomach and nausea and throbbing head. Was it food poisoning or was it a stomach flu?

Some people say that there are no 24 hour viruses, no stomach flus, none of that. It’s all food poisoning.

In my case, I kept tasting that cinnamon swirl with raisins bagel that I’d scarfed down. Other family members got sick too with similar symptoms. But not all of them seem to have eaten one of those bagels. So instead of a food-borne bacteria, was it an air-borne virus?

In Star Trek¬†they never get food poisoning. It’s the twenty-first century — shouldn’t food poisoning pretty much only exist in third-world nations that don’t have functioning sewer systems? I mean, shouldn’t it be a national embarrassment that we can’t provide safe food to people who PAY? Isn’t it the sort of thing that it can happen once, and then we fix the problem. It should not happen a second time. Not for years and years, maybe decades.

Once again, I’m severely disappointed with you, America. You accept not-good-enough. You used to deserve better than that.

This is all so very depressing.

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