Don’t Grow Old Along with Me

Magic SpringThe premise of Tuck Everlasting may not be as old as Methuselah, but has been around at least as long as the Wondering Jew or the Flying Dutchman. Only the Tuck family members aren’t being punished. It just happened because something was wrong with the water. Now they’ll never die.

William Hurt makes it clear that if you can’t die, then you aren’t alive. So his family is kind of like the living dead. Like zombies. But they don’t eat brains. The teenage romance also reminded me of some recent vampire books/movies. Only there’s no drinking of blood. Or werewolf rivals.

It also reminds me of Highlander. The elder Tucks evan sport semi-Gaelic accents. But these folks don’t have reproduction issues like MacLeod did. On the other hand, they cannot pretend to be dead either. So that’s an interesting handicap.

There was some other movie it reminded me of, but reversely. That is, it was backwards, or opposite, or inside-out from this one. But I don’t recall the name or in which way it was different. Any ideas?

Anyway, it’s a pretty movie, with a nice soundtrack. ¬†Give it a try on some rainy day. And don’t drink the water.

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