Dreams of False-Alaska

False-AlaskaLast night I had another recurring dream of False-Alaska.

Like real Alaska, False-Alaska is scenic. And there’s lots of hiking and boat travelling adventures. But it never seems to be too cold there. And the population is really booming.
Once I spent the entire dream travelling down along the panhandle on a ferry. We stopped frequently at small towns. In False-Alaska the Inside Passage meanders around atolls and other low islands. There were no mountains to block the view. It was kind of like the jungle river cruise in Disneyland, but without the hippopotami.

We started at the north end of Lynn Canal, which backed up against a huge dam. I had to drive across the dam to get to the ferry terminal at the bottom. There were fake palm trees standing around the docks.

In another dream, I was hiking up a mountain. There was snow everywhere, but I wasn’t cold. Not a single toe was cold. There was a long line of people hiking up the mountain. There was a long line hiking down as well. It was sort of like a freeway of hikers. But there was lots of scenery, and we were all moving along slowly enough that we could enjoy it. I got to the top, and looped back around, and went back down.

Other times, I hike up behind town, in the hills and mountains above the shipyards. I skiied up there at night once. I mean, I was dreaming at night, and in the dream it was night, and I was skiing. Other times it was summer and I was hiking there amongst the green trees. Mountains and oceans coming together in peace and harmony are beautiful.

But last night, I was wondering around what used to be the shipyards. It was all gentrified from the increasing population. The rows of warehouses were all loft apartments and such. It was pretty. Snowdrifts were piled against the sides of all the buildings. Everyone still had their Christmas lights on. But the density of people was making me a little claustrophobic. And I had trouble finding the road that was to take me back up into the mountains above town.

I guess that like all other tourist spots, it’s getting harder to find the Real False-Alaska.

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