Fear & Rango in Las Vegas

where's all the water?Don Knotts. John Huston from Chinatown. Threatensome inbred bumpkins from Deliverance. Clint Eastwoods’ The Man with No Name. The yodeling from Raising Arizona. What else do you want from an animated movie? Oh, yes, Johnny Depp! And a cameo by Hunter S. Thompson, which makes it into a sort of sequel to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. There’s even BATS!

What other movies do you see them paying homage to?

Spoons’ face is so emotive and looks so real. It felt like looking at a real human face! And it’s just a cartoon!!! AMAZING!!!

But it’s not really for kids. Just like most of the movies it homagenates or homagenizes, or however it is that you make an homage. With cheese, au fromage? ┬áIf you use eggs, is that an omegage or an omagelette??

Sorry. I regress.

Anyway, go see Rango. Many times. Tell me what it all means.


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