First Annual Best-of Clip-Show Post

Baby's burps

UPDATED Jan 5, 2011
So I tried to automagically post this on January 1st. But it didn’t happen. Nothing showed up, and I didn’t notice right away. I blamed it on a WordPress update. But no, it turns out that I’d set the Wayback Machine for January 1, 2010. So it was posted ‘way back in time, before even this blog started. Luckily, with great effort and expense, I’ve recovered this post from the backwash of history, and present it here now for your edification. So make like Ed and ficate.

Coffee bean roasting: still not quite there yet. Maybe I should try using caffeinated beans instead of the de- ones.

Soap: bought some unscented vegetable-based soap. It kinda smells like potato soup. I think my lye soap exploits have scarred me for life.

Did I mention they’re making another sequel to the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra? It’s true! It’s time to bait your breath, not hold it.

I’ve tried a couple more Best In Tent Camping books. Let’s see: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Southern California, & Missouri. They seem consistently swell. What’s fun is seeing the small ways the different authors make the guides their own.

I’m still using the safety razor.  I’ve decided that it’s industrial strength, and a little less maneuverable than modern razors. If only the blades weren’t to satisfyingly inexpensive!

Glenn’s Bad Dalai Lama tweets are gaining a following. He’s making more videos now too.

Someone wanna buy a shirt or calendar? Anyone? Bueller?

Here’s to odd-numbered years!

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