He calls it Free Sleeping

Wheel Hub StarThere’s this guy, let’s call him Glenn Campbell. No, not the singer. This guy is some kind of expert on Area 51. But I don’t believe in Area 51 so I really can’t comment. He’s got a lot of websites. I recommend them to you.

One is his Homeless by Choice site. He talks about how it’s cheaper to buy a sleeping bag in WalMart, then sleep in the field next door and dispose of the sleeping bag next morning than it is to rent a hotel room. Only he makes it sound much more interesting and compelling than I do. He gives many examples. There’s only one story of being awakened by the border patrol with weapons drawn.

His main home page is a little busy, and connects to all the myriad other pages that he has. Since he doesn’t have a house, he travels around the country a lot. Occasionally he goes to other countries. There’s pictures. Travel advice. For instance, in the US sleeping outside on hopefully public lands is OK, but in Europe he suggests hostels. As for Bermuda, you’ll have to find out what he says on your own.

His Things You Don’t Need blog is a slightly different take on his philosophy. I believe that it was here I learned that when you watch TV, you are letting other people put their own ideas into your head. And you really don’t know where those ideas have been! Before long, maybe you won’t have any ideas of your own any more. That’s kind of like what that Lost Skeleton of Cadavra does to people.

He’s a twitterer. As Bad Dalai Lama he says all the wise ideas that you wish you could still have for yourself.

It’s funny. I feel like I know this guy. I don’t agree with all that he says. But even with the Area 51 aura and the hyper-Walden anti-materialism he doesn’t seem like a kook. From what I can tell, he is quite rational. I wish I felt that way about more people.

Maybe I’ll invite him to lunch some time when he passes thru this area again.

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2 Responses to He calls it Free Sleeping

  1. Mark says:

    Invite him to a buffet. He used to have the authoritative web page on Las Vegas buffets.

    He used to enter the buffet towards the end of the lower-priced breakfast period, wait until the lunch foods were put out, and scarf enough food to last him the whole day.

    • Hmmmm. Lately he’s been suggesting moderation in food scarfiness. As Bad Dalai Lama perhaps he’s held to a higher standard. And none of the buffets around here are all that special. But I’ll keep an eye out for one and suggest it to him maybe….

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