I’ll keep talking all the days before tomorrow

River CanyonWhat a strange movie. In a quiet way, except for the talking. It’s All the Days Before Tomorrow.

You get sort of alternating parts of 4 or 5 different scenes from the life of some folks who aren’t a couple, but maybe should be. The scenes are separated by years. You get a slice of one scene, then a slice of another, then another slice of the first one. They’re all shuffled together like suits in a deck of cards.

And there are humorous dream sequences thrown inbetween them sometimes.

Although it was filmed on location at some really pretty locations with some really pretty photography, it’s just 2 people talking. Kinda of like My Dinner with Andre but with much more scenery and different sets and passage of years and stuff. But it’s just 2 people talking. Well, 3 if you count the guardian angel, but I think he’s just a metaphor for the gal.

Which means it’s really just 1 person talking. The gal from Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist talks pretty much the whole time. Non stop. The guy hardly says anything. After a while, my wife found her annoying. But I thought she was hilarious. Some of the lines were really clunky and chalky and tasted like broken glass, but she just spoke them out all nice and pretty. And it really made the character work.

So piecing together the out of order scenes was fun. Figuring out the dream meanings was fun. Watching the pretty pictures was fun.

Give it a try if you don’t mind the listen.



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