It’s a Wunderground World After All

Clouds above ShiprockNo matter where you go, there you are. With the weather.

Just as rust never sleeps, neither does the atmosphere. So what are you going to do about it? Me personally, I haven’t decided yet.

Until I have decided, I plan to stay informed of the issues. For fair and unbiased weather reporting, I go to

They were the 1st weather service on the Internet, back before WWW, when our grandparents used the Gopher hypertext protocol. It was started by folks out of the University of Michigan, where they have weather regularly.

My favorite part of Wunderground is that their predictions forecasts are remarkably accurate for the places that I travel. They have strong weather mojo. Other sites keep changing their predictions till they finally line up with Wunderground‘s. Try comparing weather sites and you’ll see!

They don’t try to make you watch recycled video from their TV channel. It’s all fresh web media, straight from the HTML generator.

And I like to look at all the pictures that people are uploading to them all the time.

So I recommend that you try Wunderground for a week, and see if it doesn’t fulfill 100% of all your weather related ┬áneeds. Except for caulk.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, they don’t forecast the weather that goes on Under the Ground. They forecast Above Ground weather. It’s just a name, people. Get over it!

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