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RatatouilleLike so many others, after watching Julie & Julia I want to make some braised cucumbers. I’m sure that you will too. Those of you with some gumption will go for the Boeuf Bourguignon. Dont’ forget to dry it off before you brown it. So I learned something too!

First of all it’s a time travel story. I’m not sure whether Julie is going back in time to become Julia, or if Julia is coming forward in time to warn Julie. The paradox is broken when Julia tells Julie that she doesn’t like her blog. So it’s kind of a sequel to Donny Darko.

It’s based on two books. It’s amazing how two different stories could have so much in common, or at least parallel. Maybe there was some poetic license involved.

Why are bloggists so darn wordy? And egocentric? And megalomaniacal? And have such bad breath! It’s the onions and the garlic, I think. If they used more cardamom would it be better?

I had no idea that Julia had a sister and was on the verge of blacklisting.

I had no idea that Julie would try to cook so many recipes in only a year. It works out to like 1-1/2 a day! After first shopping for all the ingredients. And then she had to post it to a blog. Oy vey. It almost sounds like Two Guys and a Girl and a Pizza Place, except there’s only one guy.

It’s nice to see a new film by Nora Efram. I’ve been missing her.

And where’s Penny Marshall been lately, anyway? Riding in Cars with Boys was a decade ago! Shouldn’t there be a sequel to Big by now? Just keep Robin Williams out of it, please.

Anyway, life is better now that I’ve seen Julie & Julia, and we should keep it that way.

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