Me Again, You Again

NemesesesJudging from the online reviews, a lot of people don’t realize that You Again is a comedy, let alone a farce.

One reviewer complained that the characters behaved reprehensibly. And they really do. That’s part of the anarchic catharsis allowed by Aristotelian comedy. In general, comedy sets bad examples, things we’re supposed to learn from.

Someone mentioned that the wedding planner seemed to be from a different movie. Her entrance is truly over the top! you’ve got to see it. Maybe the wedding planner scene really is the first completely out-there scene of the movie. Maybe it’s your final warning that logic doesn’t work in this movie’s world. But I can’t imagine how folks could miss all the earlier signs.

Unless it’s because folks just love Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver. They don’t merely identify with them, they adore them! These two women should never behave so deplorably! They should be respectable and noble. Otherwise there’s something wrong with the movie!

In this universe, every woman has a personal nemesis who first became apparent in high school, and who ruined everything forever.

Perhaps folks are really hungering to see a serious drama based on this idea. One without the pratfalls and weird coincidences. Where, despite your best efforts to prevent it, you are forced to take bloody vengeance upon your uber-evil adversary. And it is all so righteous and uplifting! Maybe the time is right for such a film. I mean besides all the superhero flicks.

Of course, in this comedy movie, the women are all their own worst enemies. Vengeance leads to self-destruction. If it weren’t a comedy, there’d be a lot of broken and hurting people at the end. Actually, there are lots of broken and hurting people at the end of this movie, but they’re dancing despite those heavy plaster casts on their limbs. So it’s OK, it’s a pleasant sort of pain. “Batter my heart, o three-person God.”

So if you know going into it that it’s a moralistic revenge comedy, maybe you’ll find it funny too.

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