Nothing But a Dreamer (Inspired by a True Story)

Horse says HiAnd during the hours of video absorption we watched Dreamer – Inspired By a True Story. I’d seen it in the stores for a while now.

I remember when Kurt Russell was just a kid. I remember when Kris Kristofferson wasn’t much more than a kid. I remember when Elizabeth Shue was Marty McFly’s girlfriend. I remember when Dakota Fanning was just a li’l thing with no front teeth. There’s a lot of shots of her front teeth coming in.

I’d expected a lightweight feelgood movie. And that’s about what I got. But there’s something there, just below the surface, in all of Kurt Russell’s silence. And the photography is beautiful. And of course Dakota is always fascinating to watch. And who doesn’t love watching horses? I like squishing the end of their nose too.

It’s about three generations of horse people. And Kurt has been disappointed by his dad Kris. And Dakota is going to be disappointed by her dad Kurt. But they haven’t quite given up on each other yet.

As you may recall, when I was a kid, my dad raised horses. The silences in the movie kind of reminded me of silences around my dad. We didn’t have any of the problems you see in the movie. Just the silences.

Last week, when I was walking out of the bank after cashing a check, I was talking to myself. I was complaining about something. I don’t actually recall what I said. As soon as it came out of my mouth, I knew it hadn’t come out of my mouth. It was my dad talking, not me.

It was a strange insight, seeing this complaint from his point of view. “Thanks, Pop,” I said out loud to no one. I finally see what you mean.

I think Luis Guzman should do more serious roles. He’s great. I believe everything he’s ever said.

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