Now Buy my Calendars!

Buy my Photo Calendars!!!I’ve made 5 new calendars for 2011 from my photos. You can buy them and hang them on your cubicle wall with duct tape. By the end of the year, there’ll be a big wad of the stuff holding the calendar to the fabric. When you tear it down, the whole wall may fall over!

Each month enjoy a new photo of scenic beauty found in: Colorado, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Big Bend, the Southwestern USA, or the animals of the Oklahoma City Zoo. It’s like being there but without all the smells or traffic.

There’s also a prototype to a new t-shirt. It’s not done yet. So this is like a temporary work-in-progress t-shirt that will be rare and worth millions some day.

These make great gifts for folks you hardly know! Or relatives that you really don’t care about much! Or service personnel whose wrath you don’t want to provoke by appearing to forget about them and their unflinching selflessness! Think of it as easy life insurance. I won’t mind.

Buy many. Buy often. Don’t forget to write!!!

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I'm just wanderin' around lookin' at things. Wow.
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