Occupy Tomatoes

Empty Bag-0-TomatoesMy wife’s mom makes a garden every year. Though she lives over 500 miles away, we still accumulate more butternut squash than you can shake a salt shaker at. And turnips turn up on our doorstep quite frequently. Mmmmmmm, so sweet and crunchy…

This year we received a big paper bag of green tomatoes. “Just keep them in the bag until they turn red,” she said. So we did. And boy did they!

The tomatoes that you buy in the store were harvested when they were green and hard. Even the “vine-ripened” ones that still have twigs attached. This is one of the reasons that store-bought tomatoes have no flavor. That, and they were bred to travel well, without bruising. So not only were they not bred to taste good, but they were harvested in such a way as too minimize their flavor and nutritional value.

Some people call that progress. Commerce never fails.

I wasn’t expecting much from theses home-grown tomatoes. After all, we got them when they were hard and green. They had too much in common with the store-bought ones. It didn’t seem promising.

But apparently either they were picked when they were less-hard and less-green than the store-bought ones, or they were bred to favor flavor. They were yummilicious!!! My wife doesn’t eat tomatoes, but she’s been gobbling up these.

You can grow your own in a 5 gallon bucket. Amazon has “Easy” tomato-growing apparati at decent prices. There’s no excuse to buy the man’s tomatoes.

You don’t have to settle for rip-off tomatoes. You can eat the 1% of tomatoes that actually taste good. Just do it yourself, grow your own.

Don’t let the system crush your beautiful tomato potential, man.

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