Radio Flyer Away With Me

Scoot 'N ZoomI love Radio Flyer. Doesn’t everyone have fond memories of their little red wagon, or tricycle, or Inchworm?

Actually, I have un-fond memories of my Inchworm . That’s because I never had one as a kid. My parents never got me one, no matter how much I asked or whined or screamed. Much like Donnie Darko and his Hungry Hungry Hippos, my life remains unfulfilled. And yet, I still have fond feelings for all things Radio Flyer.

But recently there was a recall. The Scoot ‘n Zooms (model #711 — but model #711B are OK) can topple forward. Presumably more than usual. You could bust your lip! They’re recalling 165 THOUSAND of them sold over the course of 1 year.

I checked mine, and yup, it’s a #711. No “B” here. I clicked on their website, filled out my address.

A few days later a letter arrived. “Put the wheels in this pre-paid envelope and send them back to us. Then recycle the rest of the toy.” There was $5 postage on the pre-paid envelope. That adds up to about $825,000 just in postage. For a $20 toy, that’s a lot of lost profit margins.

In a few more days I received a voicemail from Jenny. They wanted my physical address instead of my PO Box so they could send me a new Scoot ‘n Zoom via UPS. Usually I don’t give *anyone* my physical address. Even my wife doesn’t know it. But somehow I instinctively trusted Jenny.

Now I have a brand new Scoot ‘n Zoom, model #711B. It has balance and grace like never before.

It was a good call by a great company, located in Chicago, making American Made toys for our┬ákids. And for me. I love my Scoot ‘n Zoom.

Thank you Radio Flyer folks!

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