Ray’s Sunglasses

shadesShades of Ray is an amazing indie comedy. You will recognize every one of the characters. And the situations that they’re in will resonate with your life. It will all seem very familiar, even if you aren’t half-Pakistani.

Basically, the guy from Chuck, whose dad is Dr. Bashir’s dad from Deep Space Nine, and whose mom was friends with Edward Scissorhands, is best friends with the computer guy from Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. His dad and mom have a fight and his dad moves in with him just after Ray doesn’t get an answer to his marriage proposal.

It seems so simple as I tell it, but all the complications become apparent in the movie. And instead of being some mechanical comedy, it all rings so true to life.

This movie made me feel proud to be an American. Even if I don’t play golf. It’s about fitting in. It’s about family. It’s about seeing things about your friends that they can’t see themselves.

See for it yourself. If you can.

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