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Safety RazorGlenn the Free Sleeper says that electric razors are the handiest way to shave when you’re living without a home. You don’t need water, soap, towels, a sink/basin or anything. Well, maybe batteries. If I ever start sleeping next to Walmart parking lots, I’ll definitely look into this. Really.

In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with a mildly old-fashioned safety razor. I’m not talking about a completely old-fashioned  straight razor, like out of Sweeney Todd. Just your basic two-sided, mid-to-late 20th century implement of facial destruction.

I vaguely recall my dad using such things before switching to disposables. When I started shaving, they had things kinda like safety razors, but with multiple stacked blades that were very narrow and spot welded into place by freakin’ lasers.

Recently I traveled to the Amazon and ordered a Merkur Model 178 Classic Safety Razor. The handle is shorter than I was prepared for. And the business end of the thing is kind of heavy. Because there are opposing edges, the head is rather wide, and doesn’t seem to fit into every cranny of my face. But it handles all the nooks OK.

So far, I’m happy to report no major wounds. Well, there was that time on the top of my head, but that always happens. The blades seem to last quite a while without getting finicky, or peckish. When everything is lined up just right, it shaves about as close as you would dare it to.

I have no lid or case with which to cover the sharp part. So when I took a recent trip I used my old Gillete Sensor 3. It has a little case that it snaps into so it won’t rattle around and nick my tube of toothpaste. It’s weightlessness and nimbleness were amazing! And it felt so much safer, like I could never do any serious damage even if I tried. So that was really fun. If only the blade cartridges weren’t so inexcusably expensive.

So I went back to the safety razor. It seems more fun. Maybe that’s just novelty. Or maybe breaking a sweat while shaving makes it more of an adventure. I’ll keep you informed.

Back to you, Chet.

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