Son of Sea Hunt

Jeff Bridges movies ticketsI used to love watching old B&W afternoon re-runs of Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt. He was a diver loosely modeled after Jacques Cousteau. OK, maybe not modeled after Cousteau. He used aqualungs like Cousteau invented. Anyway, he was underwater a lot, and in one episode held his breath for like 4 minutes! As a young child, I practiced holding my breath for years, and never got that good.

Lloyd and I had a lot of adventures together. We were great friends. It was like we were family.

So his son has two movies out right now. If you can’t decide whether to go see True Grit or Tron, then you’ve already chosen to go see True Grit. Trust me. Just go with it. It’s a Zen thing, and like the Jeffster is cool with it, man. You can do the whole Tron thing later, maybe at home on the ol’ Blu-ray with a home-made beverage in your hand.

True, it’s not the Duke’s True Grit.  But the girl has a bigger part, and that brings more balance to the Force, man. Also, Austin Texas and Santa Fe NM look more like Arkansas and Oklahoma than Colorado ever did. So it’s more educational. The last couple of scenes really hurt, though. But it’s cool because like it’s organic.

If, on the other hand, you know that you want to see Tron, then you really need to see the Tron! It is a worthy sequel. Both Trons have similar strengths and weaknesses. It’s a completely different movie that is exactly the same.

My one complaint is that they should have had the Jeffster shave off his mustaches before doing the whole motion capture thing. Clu’s upper lip never moves right. It’s a little creepy.

Unlike the first movie, the music does not become annoying. Maybe that won’t be true in 28 years though.

Oh, also the character Tron is only onscreen for like 22 seconds. Which is sort of minimal for a title character. So I guess that was my other disappointment.

And if you really weren’t planning on seeing either of these movies, look out for last year’s Crazy Heart,  for which Jeff won his Oscar.

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