Spooner is as Spooner Does

spoons and forks in a drawerI think that they really blew an important opportunity when they made the theatrical Scooby-Doo movies. If they hadn’t broken all the Scoobe rules, it could have been great. Because Matthew Lillard was spot-on-perfect as Shaggy.

So there’s a bunch of other Lillard work in my queue, but I’ve never watched it. None of it.  No sirree Bob.

Spooner is about a slacker. Is Lillard typecast? I don’t know. Maybe he should be. He does such a wonderful job.

It’s a pleasant movie. Not a lot happens in it. It’s a little episodic in places. It’s fairly gentle, except for the boss’ language.

Lillard is touching.

It’s funny.

I wish I had a fort with a corrugated roof.

Why would his mom ever set him up with Linda?

Lillard was spot-on perfect as Spooner. And it’s not an easy role.  It’s got this Chaplinesque quality… Especially the closeups.

Except for the boss and the donut, you’ll thank me for this.

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