Story of the Glass Box People

Box People

Once there was this world, where everyone lived in a glass box. Each box was just a little bigger than each person.

When two people would meet, they could see each other. But they couldn’t touch. They couldn’t even hear what the other was saying. The boxes blocked all this.

But people could place their hands flat against the glass and pretend to hold hands. They would put their lips on the glass across from someone else putting their lips upon their glass, and they would pretend to kiss.

They would talk to someone in anther box, and that person would nod their head, like they were agreeing. Then they’d take their turn talking.

Some people would yell at other people, and the other people would yell back. But none of them ever really knew what the other person was really saying. Over time, they forgot that they didn’t know. They thought that they really did know what the other people were saying.

One day, there was this boy and this girl. They each thought that they were in love with the other, and that the other also loved them. But the boy realized that there were glass boxes inbetween them.

He took it upon himself to learn how to open the box. And one day, he did. So he went to the girl, and he opened her glass box. And when he looked inside, there was nobody there. Alarmed and confused, he went around to several other people and opened their glass boxes, and always there was no one there.

Finally he decided to open his own box. Just as the door started to open the boy realized, “There’s nobody in my glass box either, and there never was.”

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