Strangers in the Night

cowabungaBefore Sunrise is not a horror movie.

It’s mainly a character study of two 20-somethings in the ’90’s. They meet on a train, and get off in Vienna. He’s returning to the US on the next morning’s flight. She’s on her way back home to Paris, from her Grandma’s house in Hungary.

It’s mainly in English, but there’s some German and mock-French as well.

It’s just these two people talking as they stroll through the city all night. It’s like My Dinner with Andre, but with strolling instead of dessert. And, while low-key, I found it fascinating.

Richard Linklater is famouse for stream-of-camera narratives. Slacker (notice that there’s no final “s”, it’s not plural), for instance, is a crazy walk through Austin, Texas. This film is similarly a bunch of vignettes or tableaux, but with a pair of permanent characters that flow down the stream with the camera.

I like the style.

I like the movie.

This one guy, whom I started off thinking was kind of stuck up, plays a cow in a play!

Before Sunset is the sequel. I don’t think it’s about vampires either, but we’ll get to that soon enough. First I have to see Waking Life, where the 2 characters make their 2nd appearance ever in a movie, albeit not as prominently I believe. So, we’ll get to that soon enoughly as well.

It’s a quiet movie. Very well put together. It may look simple, but it’s not! You can think about it for quite a while if you want to.

I hope you’ll want to.

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