The Real Jeon Ju

Jeon Ju Korean Restaurant of Del City, OklahomaNext time work inexorably brings you to Del City, Oklahoma, why not take lunch or dinner (or both!) at the Jeon Ju Korean Restaurant.

They have both hot and cold running BiBimBop. I prefer the hot, but during summer months have been known to order cold. Don’t forget to stir it all up first! There are a few other dishes to choose from, each perfect in their own way. You can’t miss!

The restaurant is tidy and very tastefully decorated. They grow their own herbs in European AeroGarden, so you know they’re fresh.

They’ve had good local reviews. ¬†They’re on FaceBook, and even have their own classy Flash-based website.

Besides the BiBimBop, I really like this shaved ice, condensed milk, and fruit plate called Potbingsu that is too tasty to turn away on a summer’s day.

Give them a try, will you? I want them to still be there next time I’m inexorably in town.

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