Viva Vivobarefoot!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Vivobarefoot Shoes¬†are the cat’s meow!

I’ve owned several pair now. They’re expensive, so I try to find them on sale. Any time that I walk any distance, I find myself saying to myself: “Wow, my feet sure do feel good!” This happens several times a day.

So I talked my wife into trying some. Now you have to understand, she has her own set of very particular requirements. So I really wasn’t expecting her to love the shoes as much as me. Every time she wears them now, she keeps saying: “Wow, my feet sure do feel good!” And I really don’t think that she’s mocking me.

Sure, some of them look a little goofy. And you seriously need to work up to wearing them all day. At first, them seem to offer zero support. But after a while… Smiles, everyone, smiles!

For all but the really hard trails, these are my go-to shoes for hiking. Yes, shoes, not boots for hiking. Crazy isn’t it? But , wow, my feet sure do feel good!


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