What I Learned from 2014

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Or at least, 3 movies that I watched in 2014. Honestly, this is all that I’ve got for the whole year.

In Your Eyes was written by Joss Whedon in 1992, but filmed in 2014. He paid for it, but other folks directed. A guy in New Mexico and a gal in New Hampshire find out that they can see thru each other’s eyes, and hear with each other’s ears, etc. It’s a romantic comedy drama thing. It’s the characters that make it work. I didn’t like the ending. Or rather, what happens within 24 hours after the ending. Everybody is going to jail….

Forev, is a romantic comedy. These two neighbors who don’t really know each other just decide to get married to each other one day. I like it a lot. It’s the characters that make it work. They seem like folks I know, and the actors look like folks that I know. Like real people. It gets a little loopy as it goes on, which is fine. But once again, I wonder about what happens after the ending.

Frequencies takes place in an alternative reality where folks have a measurable “luck” coefficient. This one gal is off the scale at 178, while this guy is at minus 7. Romantic comedy full of philosophical pokes. Also, the first 20 minutes is told from her point of view, the 2nd from his, then there’s a few minutes where it’s shared, then the last 20 from somebody else’s. It’s fun, and keeps you thinking. And the acting is good in that you can just watch people’s faces and figure out what’s going on for them. And I didn’t mind what happens after the ending. But the kid versions of the characters look nothing like the grown up versions.

Maybe in 2015 we’ll get a new Lost Skeleton walking among us.

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