Whatever Happened to Lullaby Baxter?

PatienceYou already know about Pandora, right? Not the planet, the web music thingy. I’m still disappointed that they don’t let me use set theory operators like intersection or union or maybe a logical XOR between different artists/songs. Where do Disney songs and Reggae overlap? Or all Beatles songs that are not like Paul McCartney songs? Heavy Metal Country Western anyone? Early on they promised me that they’d be working on that sort of thing. Apparently RIAA is charging too much for Pandora to afford the research…

Anyway, my best favorite discovery on Pandora is Lullaby Baxter! And you should too!

Unlike most Americans, I’m not naturally prejudiced against Canadians. I’ve spent lots of time in Canada. I even have some Canadien friends! Also, I’m pretty good at driving on the left side of the road!

I don’t really understand if Lullaby Baxter is a person, or some kind of post-20th century jazz band. (If the latter, then which one’s Pink?) What I do know is that the female vocals are smoothly great, dense like syrup but not cloying, light and crispy but not crunchy. There have been two albums so far, Capable Egg and Garden Cities of To-Morrow. The sound is different between the two. Angelina had a child in the meantime. Also, the 2nd album was produced to near over-perfection. You keep expecting the production to go too far, but it stays right there on the very edge.

Where are they now? I hope working on another CD. The website has been dormant for a couple years now… ┬áIsnt’ that kid grown up yet?

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