With a Nail and Eye

a toastWithnail and I apparently takes place in October 1969.

It’s sort of like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which takes place in 1971. In fact, I can see Johnny Depp playing Withnail, behaving much as he did playing Hunter Thompson. Marwood would be played by Jake Gylenhall in this version.

Both stories touch upon the decay and decadence that became apparent once the 60’s ended. How the American and British dreams had become soul-sucking narcotics, much like the chemicals the protagonists take. Both stories are based on reality, or as close to it as technically possible.

I find Fear and Loathing much more epic. But I don’t see why. They’re very similar stories. If less Homeric, Withnail and I are perhaps more homophobic. Or if not Withnail, at least I is.

Because they’re British, and drunk, it also reminds me of Absolutely Fabulous. But that’s so 1992. They’re supposed to be filming a new Christmastime special soon! Of AbFab. We’ll see. Could be simply mahvelous, dahling.

Dissolution. You say that as if it’s a bad thing. I guess it is sort of precipitous, in its way…

The movie was funded in part by George Harrison, like he did with Time Bandits. One of his songs from the The White Album is in the soundtrack. Ralph Steadman, the guy who did the artwork for Fear and Loathing  as well as other Hunter S. Thompson works, did the movie poster.

This movie is better than going on holiday by mistake.

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