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Expensive Noises

Today when my wife came home, she said “Take a ride with me.” She got into our pickup and started it up. I ran after her. “I thought you said we weren’t going to WalMart today!” “Listen to this,” she … Continue reading

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Mmmm… Waffles

So I’m an invertebrate baker, and my wife is allergic to grain. Not just wheat like your average celiac sufferer, but to all things that are seedy. Not just grains, but even beans. Even non-grainy, non-beany things like quinoa. So … Continue reading

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Skeleton Trespass

Over the last couple of years, both Amazon and Netflix have been telling me that I need to see Alien Trespass, a film that pretends to be a science fiction movie from 1957. It stars that guy from Will & … Continue reading

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