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Malthus Was An Optimist

According to the CIA World Factbook: 126 billion acres on planet Earth. 6.9 billion people on planet Earth. = 18.26 acres of planet Earth per person. This is where you get all your water and fuel and oxygen from. Surface … Continue reading

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You Want the T-Shirt

It’s true. They Saved Einstein’s Hair-Do. They really did. And all the world is better for it. Sure, if they’d planned ahead a little, maybe they could have saved something more important than just his Hair-Do. Maybe some mitochondrial DNA, … Continue reading

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But What Does a Screaming Forehead Mean?

Last night, I saw it. A wriggling thing that shouldn’t be wriggling. It was on IFC, and I DVR’d it, and best of all this is my week of being a Nielson family. So maybe my tastes will finally be … Continue reading

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