A Lemur Called Rollo

maneating giraffeFierce Creatures is a pseudo-sequel to A Fish Called Wanda. It’s working title was probably A Lemur Called Rollo. It has the same four actors playing pretty similar characters. But they have different names. And everyone is like 9 years older.

In an ironic twist on real life, the character that represents Rupert Murdoch is killed and his son takes over the company. Oh, I forgot to mention ***Spoiler Warning***!

In another ironic twist, the Murdoch character’s final line is “You’re fired” which has since ended up as Donald Trump’s catch-phrase. So he must have seen this movie too.

Apparently they re-shot the ending 8 months later. I would love to see the original ending. Judging from the trailer that was on the DVD that I watched, they also edited out a lot of other footage. I would love to see those missing shots as well. They had Jamie Lee Curtis re-dub a line, changing it from “this morning” to “yesterday” and I really don’t know why. It looks really bad. It must have something to do with the new ending. Mustn’t it?

Something else that looks bad is that it’s in full-screen instead of wide-screen. They really need to reformat both movies to modern TV sizes. Grrrr. Argh.

Kevin Klein is really out there for the whole film. He plays both Rupert and his son, doing a pretty fine south pacific accent if you ask me. But he’s a little big. Definitely playing to the last row.

It’s got funny. There definitely is chemistry. I like it. But it feels like you can see them making a movie. I can’t put my finger on it. OK, so it has two directors. But that’s not the problem. Maybe the edits are a little off. Maybe it’s because it’s in a fullscreen version. Something is just off. But it’s got the funny! And Jerry Goldsmith did the soundtrack.

I’m still waiting for A Horse Called Henry to finish off the trilogy.

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  1. Oleg says:

    Well, if you are still reading this, the original test screening version, has been leaked online courtesy of Russian VHS pirates which somehow got a hold of it back then.

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