A Little Parking Lot Movie

Parked CarThe Parking Lot Movie is a documentary about this place in a college town where you pay to park your car. But the lot is not affiliated with the university. Sounds exciting, huh?

What makes it work is that the employees are highly educated and have far too much time on their hands. They decorate their work area. They come up with pithy sayings. They write songs. They philosophize about the meaning of car lots. That part is pretty interesting.

This movie reminded me of what college actually felt like. I was exhausted once it was over. I don’t want to have to open a book for a whole year!

One of the guys reminds me of that guy from High Fidelity. No, not Jack Black, the other guy.

Most of the folks are enjoyable. A few use some choice language, so it’d be best not to watch this while your mom is in the room.

I loved their contempt of folks who break the social contract. Unfortunately, that’d be just about all of us.

It’s not just a job.

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