Maybe I’m a Special Bunny

So the other day I was accidentally listening to the top rated kids song on Sirius-XM.

It kinda reminds me of Harvey, but with Jimmy Stewart as the rabbit.

It’s called I Think I’m a Bunny. It’s a song by Todd McHatton off his new album Galactic Champions of Joy. The title character is explaining his beliefs to Todd’s daughter, I presume. He’s pretty good at it, but her responses are spot on perfect. There’s the YouTube video as well.

Mr. McHatton is a fan of Harry Nilsson, and has posted songs on the For The Love of Harry site. There is a certain over-dubby goodness to Todd’s recordings that feels kinda familiar. It was inevitable that I would someday find his music. You too. You can’t deny it.

I don’t think he has a record deal. It looks like Amazon distributes his CDs, and creates them on demand. So go demand some! Dabnabit!

But listening to the song raises some troubling questions, at least for me. Why is this little girl spending time with a delusional monster? She clearly recognizes that he’s a monster. Just how delusional is he? Is it wise for her to be so directly contradicting him? My sister-in-law says not to worry because the little girl is a monster too, but it doesn’t look that way from the video.

This is my favorite song of the year and I’m officially sharing it with you.

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