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Outside SmallvilleSo after I was talking about Confessions of a Dangerous Mind at work, somebody mentioned Confessions of a Superhero. It found me on Netflix as an Instant View last year sometime.

It follows 4 folks dressed up as superheros, walking around Hollywood, living off handouts. Two of the folks are young innocents who’ve come to Hollywood to be stars. One is a little less innocent with some anger management issues. And one is Superman. He doesn’t just live the part, he kinda really is Superman.

This  movie will break your heart at least a couple of times. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry. It’s the whole schmear.  I don’t know why it took me so long to recommend it.

I don’t want to give any of it away. Wonder Woman is in a bad relationship, and doesn’t quite realize it. The Hulk has charisma, but who can see his face under all that green foam? Batman does look a little like George Clooney. And Superman kinda really is super. He tells the other superheroes not to smoke in public because it’s setting a bad example… Isn’t that what you’d want Superman to do?

After you’ve seen the movie, come back and we’ll talk…

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