Re-Learning to Live Pt 2

corn for as far as the eye can seeSo what really is the best way to eat?

Michael Pollan famously said “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Go ahead and read or re-read the whole article, I can wait. It’s definitely worth it.

So basically you want to buy food, not edible foodlike products. You shouldn’t buy things with ingredients. The food you buy should be the ingredient. Pre-processing is not a good thing. So should you be milling your own flour maybe? Or is just a little bit of processing OK? Maybe as long as it remains whole grainy and not all tighty whitey?

My wife has type O blood. Somewhere on the interwebs somebody says that O types are more susceptible to lectroids. (That’s not really their name, but I don’t want my post to increase the confusion over them in the search engines.)

Turns out these lectroids are in all grains, but especially wheat. They’re even in quinoa, which technically isn’t a grain because it’s not a grass. (Or maybe they’re not in quinoa. There are differing reports.) Red lectroids are the way plants fight to keep folks from eating their best reproductive parts. ¬†Beans have them too. So it’s mainly in the seeds. But fruit and tubers of plants in the nightshade family, peppers and tomatoes and potatoes, have them too.

Red lectroids are even in dairy products! Presumably because the cows ate the grains and are passing the toxins along.

There are all sorts of different kinds of lectroids. Some people say that the black ones are even good for you! And with a little allspice they’re also tasty. But other people dispute this, saying all lectroids are bad, or that the distinction is erroneous. Maybe we’ll see, or maybe the confusion will just continue to spread for a while.

Anyway, my wife, always the experimentor, cut out all the the lectroids that she could find. ¬†Earlier in her life career she’d sworn off grains and beans because they’ve got too many carbs. So this time she only had to get rid of tomatoes and peppers. There was some question whether sweet potatoes actually contain red lectroids or maybe black ones. She didn’t give up her sweet potatoes.

Three months later her blood work comes back all A’s. Pretty good for a Type O. So maybe there is something to these lectroids after all. Or maybe it’s just all the extra cucumbers we’ve been eating…


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