Re-Learning to Live Pt 1

I sleep now.My wife thinks she’s going through a mid-life crisis. I’ve been going through one since I was thirteen, and I think that she’s wrong.

She’s decided that it’s time to re-learn how to live. Shouldn’t we all be doing more of that? On an on-going basis, on and on, all the time. On.

She’s been experimenting with aiming the head of the bed in new and different directions. Well, the same old four cardinal directions. But our house isn’t laid out in a standard North/South, East/West sort of way. It’s more Northwest/Southeasty. If the head of the bed is aiming North, then it’s in the center of the ¬†room and the foot of the bed is in a corner.

We’ve tried all four directions. Multiple times. When camping, I’ve had to break out the compass to make sure our heads were screwed on straight, or something. After months of this, she examined all the data and determined that it doesn’t really seem to make any difference. I’m thinking that we must need a new bed.

How many people do you know that have taken the trouble to see what direction they sleep best in?

My dad used to tell my mom, “You can move the furniture around any way you like any time you like. But please never move the bed. Pick a place and leave it there.” I guess he didn’t want to have trouble finding the bed in the dark.

I know that there were times during our testing that I couldn’t figure out how to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It always seemed to be off at the wrong angle. ¬†Mostly I could find my way back to bed, except for Head Facing East. That was a really long walk and I tended to get lost. So maybe dad had a point. Or maybe I don’t.

Anyway, no real harm done. That is, nothing that won’t heal or clean up. Eventually.


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