Shrinky Dinks and Me

Sometimes a cigar is just a... omigod what is that thing?There’s a lot going on in Shrink. You definitely get your money’s worth. There’s more acting and characters and plots and stuff in these two hours than you usually get in 3 movies.

It sort of makes Hollywood feel like a small town kinda place. You bump into your friends everywhere you go, even if you don’t yet know that they’re your friends.

Before the movie starts, two suicides have already happened. During the movie there is another completed one, and a failed one or two. These later ones are mistakes or accidents. Which leads me to wonder if that’s what we’re supposed to believe of the earlier ones as well. In some way, you can say that all suicides are a mistake, but you’re ignoring the perpetrator’s point of view when you do so. It’s like they’re already not there.

I don’t remember what science fiction universe it came from… But there was some race of aliens, and the entire species committed suicide all at once. And none of the remaining intelligent life in the universe knew why. And they weren’t trying too hard to find out, either…

If it didn’t cause such existential problems, would suicide be such a taboo? It turns out, all over the world, among different cultures and races and religions, the suicide rate stays pretty much the same no matter where you go.

Anyway, this is a low key film, in some ways a comedy, making fun of Hollywood culture. I think that I even laughed once.

I didn’t recognize the insignia of the automobiles. It was a check mark, like in grocery stores where they let you pay by check, and they check your check to make sure it’s safe. Check one. Check two. Check three. Check check check.

I was disappointed at one point when they talk about not needing to use protection because she was already pregnant. What about diseases?! Sometimes I wonder about these Hollywood types. They set bad examples. Maybe that’s part of what this movie is about.

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