Skeleton Trespass

It came from the sky!Over the last couple of years, both Amazon and Netflix have been telling me that I need to see Alien Trespass, a film that pretends to be a science fiction movie from 1957. It stars that guy from Will & Grace. No, not that guy; the other guy. It’s not really a comedy. There are a few funny moments. My favorite is when he puts that huge steak on the grill. Mostly it’s played straight. Even with a goofy monster.

Talk about an homage! It captures the feel of several 50’s movies. But they’re not B movies. It’s more Forbidden Planet, Destination Moon, and The War of the Worlds than Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, Rocketship X-M, or Cat-Women of the Moon. For one thing, it’s in glorious super-colour. Every red is pure red. Every green is pure green. Every black and gray is kinda blue-ish. And the plot mainly makes sense. Except for the very end where somebody saves the planet from a terrible fate by giving a corny speech. And it’s not really the kind of speech someone would have given in 1957. It’s much more of a post post-9/11 speech. One that we’ve haven’t been hearing much of lately. So it really is an important speech, in an “It’s a Small World” sort of way.

As a 1950’s Science fiction movie, it’s almost as classic as The Blob. Since it wasn’t made in the 50’s, though, that really doesn’t count. It’s still a fun movie. Which brings me back to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, which is more of a take-off on B movies. And it works as a B movie, which really isn’t saying too much. But it also works as a commentary on B movies, and also as a commentary on the audience of B movies. Yes, it’s making fun of B movies and the people who enjoy them. And that’s what pushes it past Alien Trespass, even though Alien Trespass has all those great Canadian production values. Weird, huh?

Also in this weeks news, the Best Independent Film award at this years Rondos went to, (wait for it), The Lost Skeleton Returns Again/Dark And Stormy Night DVD double feature! (And also The Aurora Monsters, a documentary about plastic model kits. It was a tie.) So hurray for Dr. Paul Armstrong and Animala!!!

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