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KirksSo I hear you saying, “Yeah, Lyle, I like washing up as much as the next person, but I just can’t get behind this Dr. Bronner’s stuff you talk about. It’s like too radical. It’s against my religious/political beliefs. It’s too hep or trendy or something. I’m not worthy. Oh, and it costs too much. But I still need to get clean! Whatever shall I do? Woe is me! I am soooo lamentatious!”

I have five words for you, kid: Kirks Original Coco Castile Soap.

In my grocery store, it’s always in the Cheap Deals aisle. My favorite health food store carries the Unscented version. The scented version smells like soap. I once asked of Kirk’s website, what’s the name of that smell? They never got back to me. It smells kinda French to me though. But in a clean way.

The lather seems a little bit more luxurious than Dr. Bronner’s. I think that’s because Bronner bubbles are more uniformly tiny. Kirk’s bubbles come in all sizes. I might be hallucinating however.

Here’s where they sold me. They sell Kirk’s t-shirts on their website. For $7.50 each. Normally I don’t like advertising for folks. Unless I really like their products. Even then, I don’t want to PAY to advertise for them. So Kirk’s sells me a t-shirt, pretty much at cost. There’s no premium price tag like you’d get with most t-shirt advertisements. I REALLY like that.

And then they gave the knife a twist. One of the tshirts says “Clean Me Up … Scotty”. Get it? Kirk’s is saying “Clean Me Up”!!! OK, it’s a Star Trek joke. You don’t have to get it. I got it. That’s what counts. Oh, and they said it. That’s why I love Kirk’s soaps. Besides the bubbles.

They’ve got a sister brand: Grandpa’s. Cute, huh? I guess Grandpa is kind of their Emmanuel Bronner. He experiments with the ingredients to come up with cool, new old-fashioned products. And some of them are new-fashioned. (Actually, I think Grandpa owns Kirk’s. But that’s OK by me.) So if you don’t like Kirk’s soap, try Grandpa’s Baking Soda soap. It’s swell.

So now you got soap choices. Quit worrying.


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