Some Call it Acts of Worship

wet streetActs of Worship is another of those Movies of Addicted Women. But this time there’s no 12 steps. There’s inappropriate sex, but no children. The main character is little more than a kid. You don’t even find out how or why she came to this life. It’s just one of those bad choices that people can’t help but keep on making.

There’s a lot of street life in the film. And it seems like everything is connected. But you’re never quite sure where those connections occur and who knows who.

It’s only a little painful to watch.

I didn’t recognize any of the actors. They all did fine. It could have been a movie that felt clumsy. But the awkwardness always seems to fall back into the characters. It is kind of in the same vein as Down to the Bone, not too polished, not pretty, really realistic seeming.

If you like drug addict movies, as I seem to, this is definitely a pretty good one to watch.

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