‘Til There Was ‘Til There Was You

Waiting for DaffyDoing the channel surfing thing, and bumped into ‘Til There Was You, which stars a whole bunch of familiar looking people including Dylan McDermott and Jeanne Tripplehorn. It’s about a couple that just never quite meet, but are forever bound together by fate. It’s from 1997.

Boy, when it first came out it got really dismal reviews. Everybody seemed to hate it. But that was pre-9/11. It’s a great movie now, full of heart and love and a sense of place.

Having DVR’d it, I actually enjoyed immediately watching it over a 2nd time. Some of the details don’t pay off unless you’re already familiar with some of the other details in the film, which themselve don’t pay off until….

There’s also this wobbly uncertainty in the film. Back to back scenes at first seem to take place just moments apart, but as you watch you realize that there’s been days or weeks or even years in-between. It’s a little un-nerving, and part of what requires the repeated viewing. I liked it. It made the meanings change before my eyes.

I had a lot of fun and recommend it as a lost classic.

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