Trans-Canine Engenderism

what kind of dog is this?We have this dog named Lady.

Do you have any idea what kind of dog she is? Seriously, we’d love to know! The hair surrounding her ears makes her ears look major huge.

So I had this dream. For some reason, Lady changed into this 30-something year old guy. The hair growing along the sides of his forehead was really long, reminiscent of Lady’s ears. He was from Houston, Texas.

Eventually everybody notices something’s different. My family tries to have a conversation about Lady, who’s this guy with funny hair. ¬†Nobody seems to be bothered that our dog is a human. Nobody seems to mind his hairdo. The issue we are having is how to talk about Lady’s gender. Our original dog was female. She turned into this guy. We’re arguing whether or not Lady is a him now.

Go figure. Like there isn’t anything more important to do. And now that Lady is a human, why don’t we just go to the horses mouth (as it were)?!

It’s been a quiet week in my ¬†hometown…

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