Despicable Him

Happy DogOver the weekend I visited the dollar theater. It actually costs $2 during prime-time. Watched the 2-D version of Despicable Me.

It’s a fun movie. My favorite quote goes something like: “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” I betcha that in 3-D it was pretty glorious.

It’s a computer animated cartoon about James Bond style super-villains. Or maybe more like Dr. Evil than Dr. No.

I noticed that the antagonist had a bad haircut. It looked like Bill Gates! Ha ha, the computer generated bad guy’s enemy is Bill Gates. That’s funny.

Then I realized that our protagonist always wears a dark turtleneck sweater. That’s Steve Jobs’ trademark. And he has thousands of minions. He knows all of their names. He walks around on a stage giving pep talks, like Steve at an Apple developers conference.

But wait, there’s more.

The Jobs-like protagonist has  an evil scientist developing hardware for him. He’s got an Australian accent. The nickname for Australia is Oz, which rhymes with Woz.

And the Gates-like antagonist has an evil banker, formerly of Lehman Brothers, who has a hairdo like Dilbert’s Pointy-Haired Boss. But he’s not stupid, and he’s the businessman of the group. Like maybe Steve Ballmer?

The Protagonist adopts these kids. Like how Apple puts all those Macs into schools.

The Antagonist has a blue pyramid in his backyard. Remember all those years that the next version of Windows was named Cairo?


But what does it all mean?  What am I missing? Is Bill Gates really stuck on the moon with a single minion? What ideas do you have?

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