End Taxation Now

Red White & Blue Mt RushmoreI may not be your average American, but at least I try to act normal.

So why do I need advanced mathematical knowledge to calculate my take-home pay? And when I go to the store, why do I need to bring a calculator to figure out what I’m going to pay on an item clearly marked at $5.49?


They are evil.

This country was formed because the Founding Fathers didn’t want to pay taxes. So why should we?

End taxes now.

No taxes. Not now. Not nevar.

Who’s with me on this?

If my country can’t turn a profit, why should I bail it out and keep it afloat? The Post Office used to pay it’s own way just fine, until the Internet turned all the junk mail they used to deliver into spam. Surely the US Government is useful for something?

Why am I paying for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya? Shouldn’t all the other countries of the world be paying US, the world’s policeman, to do that for them? Where’s the check from the UN?

Countries like Iran and North Korea ought to be paying us to not nuke them. And those Somalian pirates oughta be giving us 10%  straight off the top.

And I’m not just talking the Feds here. States should have to earn their own way too. What have they done for us lately?

I’m writing my congresscritters.

You should too!

And tell them: End taxes now! No taxes. Not now. Not nevar.

After all, it’s our God-given Constitutional right.

It’s un-American to pay taxes.

All taxes are un-American

Taxes are for Socialists.

Real Americans don’t pay taxes.

Free countries don’t tax you.

Patriotism has no price. End taxes now.

Just say ‘No’ to all taxes.

I’ll have the t-shirts ready next week.

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