It’s a gas Gas GAS!

FillerupSelf-serve gas stations do not exist in New Jersey and Oregon. Gas stations there actually pay people to pump your gas. I don’t know why.

Across the rest of America, self-serve alone survives.

It used to be every gas station employed folks to pump your gas for you. The march of Walmartian-like low prices now forces us to pump our gas ourselves. Soon restaurants will make us wash our own dishes.

Any more, gas stations almost don’t want you to buy their gas. They don’t make enough profit off it. They want you to come into the store and buy oversweet capuccinos and stuff. So why did they invest in pay-at-the-pump credit card readers if they really want you to enter the store?

Some gas stations don’t want you coming back at all. You can tell by their windshield washing squeegee. There’s three possibilities.

If the squeegee bucket is dry, they don’t want your business at all. Just drive off and find another gas station.

If the squeegee is swimming in plain water, they want your business now. But they don’t want you to come back. So go ahead and fillerup, but don’t ever come back.

While you’re squeegeeing your windshield, if you see soap bubbles, then you know that they want you to come back. They want your windshield to be as clean as possible so you don’t have a wreck. If you have a wreck, you won’t be able to come back. So they’re doing everything in their power to keep you safe and aware of road conditions and hazards and whatnots. It’s like they’re your driving partner.

After you fill up your gas tank, walk across the parking lot. Enter the store. Grab some Doritos and diapers and orange juice, Or maybe some ice tea if they actually brew their own (and they just might, considering that they put soap in their windshield washing water!). Spend your money freely, because you’ve found a true friend.

And you want to make sure that they’re still there for you next time you’re passing through.

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