I’ve Got the Answer, Man

nativity sceneI love the movie The Answer Man. Except for some of the language. Of course, the language is all to make a point, to paint a portrait of the characters. But maybe they could have found a better way…

I love all the actors in The Answer Man. Jeff Daniels is getting older, but he seems even more like an old friend. Everybody else is just perfect. You just want to eat ’em all up.

It’s about a guy who wrote a book full of all the answers God gave to him. For the last 20 he’s hidden in seclusion, because everyone has more questions for him to get answered. He’s really not a very nice person, but he has some great insights:

I love kids. They’re short, highly emotional people who don’t know anything. They rely on their creativity and imagination to get by in the world. A world, I might add, filled with giants. Amazing feat.

It could have been a lot heavier, but it’s not. It’s light and humorous. Heavy stuff should always be presented as light and humorous so you can stand to be in the same room with it. Aside from the strong language, ┬áit wasn’t even offensive. But it does actually have ideas in it.

I really think that they pulled it off just right. It’s a coup! All these cool ideas line up in a row for you to swallow one by one as they drop into your brain. Plop!

It won’t answer all your questions, but it’s got the main ones covered.

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